Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Reveal Me #1

It’s me again. I write this story. It’s originally written for my self, in order to remind the-elder-me of how I walked through the life I had.


I was born in Borneo, Indonesia. The seventeenth of October, nineteen ninety three. I am the first son and the last offspring in my family. My father is an architect and a construction project creator. My mother is a housewife. We moved several times, from one city to another city. This is why I never had a very-very best friend indeed, for so long.
I was in the golfyard. Very cute, haha

I lived my early life in Balikpapan, and then we moved to Purwokerto as my parents’ hometown, before we moved to Surabaya in early 1990’s. I enjoyed watching movie and reading, thanks to my mother. She is a very great teacher, since she always determined to educate me about everything. My father was very busy back then, so we only met at night. However, in the weekend, we always have some recreation to the amusement center nearby.

I always do some pose to be photographed, hehe

I also loved collecting animation figures and movie merchandise. We usually get these toys from fast-food “happy meal” package. Since I am the one and only child, I was always protected from the outside world. I didn’t spend much times outside the house, since I lived in a quite-not-so-good neighborhood in Surabaya. I was protected from vandalism, and I’m so thankful for that.


My mother always took me to the kindergarten every morning and picked me up in the afternoon. One thing I remembered was, my kindergarten friends were really nice and kind. We enjoyed the playful condition. I made good friends here, and I still remember their cute faces. They are Rendi, Nurul, Mega, and some others. We enjoyed our Kartini celebration, we joined some fashion show competition, and we travelled to Songgoriti, Malang.

Nevertheless, my family moved from Surabaya to Sidoarjo not so long after I enjoyed my early kindergarten era. Unfortunately, I don’t know their full name. I never contacted them anymore ever since I moved. I wish I can meet them again and I really want to express my gratitude for the lovely childhood we had.

My family moved to a better neighborhood in Sidoarjo where I can play outside in a safe condition. We moved to Puri Surya Jaya (PSJ), specifically in Paris Garden. Yes, this housing is really great since they have many blocks with specified theme of the architecture. My family picked the Parisian theme. I really love the atmosphere here. We lived here for 8 years after.

This chapter will tell about how I continued my half-end kindergarten in Sidoarjo. From my opinion (at that time), this kindergarten is more down-to-earth and less sophisticated than my previous kindergarten. Unfortunately, as a new student, I didn’t really get along together with my new friends. I remember how had I tried to mingle, but it was difficult. These children were a little bit naughty (for my standards), who bullied me sometimes and teased me a lot. I was sad. However, there was always a good friend appearing from the moment. He was Niko Kurniawan Pratama. He was a good friend of mine.

- to be continued, soon -

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